Upcoming and Past Events

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Upcoming Events

2 May 2024 – The Right to Freedom of Thought in Africa. A special 90-minute-long panel with presentations from Dr. Victoria Miyandazi (University of St Andrews) and Sfiso Nxumalo (University of Oxford). Harrison Otieno (University of Nairobi), Miracle Mudeyi (University of Nairobi), and Christopher Phiri (University of Turku) will act as discussants and Bethany Shiner will chair the discussion.

Given the UDHR was drafted without African representation, this event will consider how the right is protected, interpreted and applied in Africa with a focus on the African Charter for Human and Peoples’ Rights as well as case law from Kenya.  This is the final event in our series celebrating the 75th anniversary of the UDHR, and will take place on Thursday, the 2nd of May, 17:00 UK time, 18:00 CET. 

Past Events

7 February 2024 – Patrick O’Callaghan, along with Talya Deibel and Felicitas Benzinger, (all from UCC School of Law) will discuss their Research Project Law and the Inner Self, on the 7th February, at 17:00 UK Time, 18:00 CET.

17 January 2024 – Christoph Bublitz (University of Hamburg) will trace key developments during the drafting of the Declaration and sketch some lessons for a contemporary interpretation of the right. Prof. Heping Dang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) will explore the distinct Chinese contribution to Article 18. On 17th January 2024, 10 AM UK Time, 11 AM CET, 6 PM Shenzhen time.

1 December 2023 – Professor Ahmed Shaheed  (previous U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief (2016-2021), and who dedicated his final report to the right to freedom of thought (under article 18 ICCPR)) kick-starts our series Celebrating 75 anniversary of the UDHR on 1st December, 17.00 UK time, 18.00 CET.

30 March 2023 – Sjors Lighart (Tilburg University) will discuss his recent book Coercive Brain-Reading in Criminal Justice: An Analysis of European Human Rights Law (Cambridge University Press, 2022) on 30 March 2023, 18:00 CET, 17:00 UK time.

13 April 2023 – Sümeyye Elif Biber (University of Luxembourg), Significant Developments in the European Approach to AI: The AI Act, the European Declaration, and the CoE Convention on AI on April 13th, 18:00 CET, 17:00 UK time.

25 May 2023 – Nita A. Farahany (Duke) will present her new book The Battle for Your Brain: Defending the Right to Think Freely in the Age of Neurotechnology (St. Martin’s Press, 2023) on 25 May 2023, 18:00 CET, 17:00 UK time.

8 December 2022 – George Sher will present his recent book A Wild West of the Mind  (Oxford University Press, 2021) 8 December 2022, 17.00 UK time. 

24 November 2022 – Susie Alegre will present her new book Freedom to Think: The Long Struggle to Liberate Our Minds (Atlantic, 2022) 24 November 2022, 17:00 UK time.